Decal Application

Some orders may have to be folded over, to keep shipping costs low; although they are not folded flat, there is a change that this may happen. If you decal has arrived and has a fold in it then please leave it on a flat surface for a few hours and it will correct itself.


Larger decals are easier to place on a surface using the wet method; it gives you time to adjust and position - but please remember to leave it for a day or two for the glue to bond.

Dry Method

Items required:

  • Application squeegee, preferably with a felt edge
  • Craft knife

1. The surface needs to be clean, dry and free from any wax product. 

2. Place the decal on a flat surface, and rub the front with a card or squeegee. 

3. Slowly peel the backing paper backing from the decal – if it isn’t sticking well flip the decal over and rub the back with a card or squeegee. 

4. Carefully line your decal and apply to the surface 

5. Apply pressure from the middle to the outward sides of the decal. 

6. Slowly peel the transfer paper away from the decal at and angel from the surface.  

Wet Method

Please note: If you have wording on your decal, letters may move using this method.

Items required:

  • Spray type bottle filled with a mixture of a few drops of washing up liquid and water
  • Application squeegee, preferably with a felt edge
  • Craft knife 

1. The application surface must be completely clean. You need to remove any dirt / wax / polish that is on the surface. An alcohol based cleaner is ideal. Any form of dirt/dust/polish left on the application surface will prevent the vinyl being applied properly.

2. Peel off the paper backing from the vinyl sheet.

3. Generously spray the STICKY side of the vinyl sheet AND the application surface with the mixture of water and washing up liquid.

4. Place the vinyl into position on the application surface. The water and washing up liquid mixture will allow you time to slide the vinyl/graphics into the correct position.

5. When you are happy with the positioning, hold one end of the vinyl sheet (or application tape if applying lettering or graphics) and, with the squeegee, slowly ‘stroke’ the vinyl from the centre outwards. This should push most of the water mix out from under the vinyl/graphics. It is better if the non sticky side of the vinyl is also wetted during this process to help avoid any scratching or marking from the squeegee.

6. Allow the vinyl to dry for about 24 hours to ensure best bonding.

Returns & Refunds

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Delivery and Packaging

All orders are dispatched in either a hard-backed 'Please do not bend' envolope, hardback box or tube, to protect the contents from damage during transit.

Standard orders will be processed and dispatched within two working days; Custom orders will vary.

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